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Since this format is prettier, I'll post my Etsy finds here!

A snuggly scarf!
Inspired pendant.
Hobbit door!

Another tile

There really isn't as much on Etsy as I thought there would be, but this search is limited to the phrase 'lord of the rings'. I'm sure with more digging, lots of items could be found.


Holy cow, I actually had time to list some things! I've done a few LOTR themed trinket boxes and put them on Etsy.


Comments and suggestions are welcome, even if no one buys them (but buying is good!). Any requests on what to see next?

Thistlebrook Update

Hi everyone!!  I just wanted to post a quick update.

Our ME style garden is coming along.  Above is the Thistlebrook sign - still in progress.   After using a dremel to create letters, I went back in with a woodburner.  Using graphite paper, I transferred the corner thistle pattern, used the wood burner to outline, and painted it using "patio" paints.  I still need to do the same on the opposite side and stain it.  Then it'll be ready to go in the garden, which I have now fondly named (you guessed it!) "Thistlebrook".

The wood storage rack is just about complete.   It needs a little more paint and the lights added.   I couldn't wait to start stacking the firewood in it.  LOL!   I'm looking forward to getting the pathway in place.

Today, I plan to plant a few plants that can withstand colder temps (like Stock - one of my fav's).  Although it's been beautiful and warm this week, we can have freezes as late as May.  Ugh!!  

That's it for now.  More to follow...as the road goes ever on and on.........   ;O)

Thistlebrook's lingering winter

Another gloomy cold day. <sigh> 
Here's a pic of my pattern for a sign that I plan to make for the garden.

I used the "bilbo's hand" font to create the wording and a graphic from my Printmaster program.  The sign will be on wood, but I haven't decided if I'll simply paint it on or try my hand at a bit of wood carving.  I've never carved wood before, so that might be fun to attempt.  If it doesn't work - there's always paint.  LOL!


ME style kitchen

This is the interior of our kitchen window.  I still have to sew the main curtains. 
Here's the fabric I'm using ~

Barb ~ Loniel

A little progress

Today we worked on building the wood storage rack.   It doesn't look like much, at this stage (it's about 3/4s done).   We still have to get the cedar slats on top, hang LED string of lights, paint it and load it with our firewood.  

After the wood storage rack is finished, we'll be doing cement pavers w/cobblestone laid into the top - to create a mud-free walkway from the porch/deck to the gate in front of the rack.  

We have to replace several of the side posts and steps on the porch/deck stairs.  Not very MEy, but necessary maintenance.   It will all be sanded and painted in the same colors as the house/gate/wooden planter boxes/wood storage rack.
Here are the colors we chose:   
They're earthy colors - a dark brown, mushroomy color and very light beige (almost white).

Everything is slowly coming together.  I hope to post more updates - sooner than later.

Barb ~ Loniel


Just to get the ball rolling, I'm attempting to set up some tags for better archving purposes. If you have any to suggest, please comment!